Learn More About Umwana Foundation


The Umwana Foundation project is a non profit organization that looks at the development of young people from different backgrounds. Its focus is to empower the young people and change their mindsets.

Umwana is doing all these programs through the help of many young people in Africa who have chosen to be part of the great change in their communities.

Umwana means #child and it is the direct representation of youth. Its a group of young people who want to change their communities through Mentorship and skills programs.

Join the team and be part of the change today!

The Umwana Foundation is the BIG umbrella which covers a number of  projects as follows:

THE UMWANA EDUCATE                                                                                                                         This is a program that entirely looks at education of which Umwana has taken to help many vulnerable people in our communities.

THE UMWANA HEALTH CARE                                                                                                         Umwana health care looks at the health of the young people and it takes the lead to educate them on how to live batter in concern with Health. This programs supports and provides for the sick and educates the parents on various healthy ways as well as help the young people understand what health is about.

THE UMWANA SPORT                                                                                                                       Umwana sport looks at the development of various sports activities for young people across the country, it was established a year ago, to help develop sports men and women in the country and represent us at the Olympics.

THE UMWANA DREAM                                                                                                                              This program helps young people make the right choices in life, it includes , building careers, personal development and guidance. The Umwana dream is here to help people know about what they dream to be in life.

Join the youth led initiative and became a champion for change.

Umwana Foundation





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