The Untold Truth About Entrepreneurship

WP_20151029_15_12_39_ProIf you do the math, becoming an entrepreneur is insane. The odds of success are tiny, failure is almost guaranteed. To make the leap, you have to be fearless. When most of us fear failure, we walk away from our boldest ideas, instead of being original, we play it safe, selling conventional products and familiar services. But great entrepreneurs have a different response to the fear of failure. Yes, they’re afraid of failing, but they’re even more afraid of failing to try. In work and in life, there are two kinds of failure: actions and Inactions. You can fail by starting a company that goes out of business or by not starting a company at all. By getting left at the altar or by never proposing marriage. Most people predict that its the actions they’ll regret more. We cringe at anguish of declaring bankruptcy or getting rejected by the love of our lives, but we are dead wrong when people reflect on their biggest reflects, they wish they could redo inactions, not the actions. In the long run, people of every age and in every walk of life seem to regret not having done things they did. Originals learn to see failure not as a sign that their ideas are doomed, but as a necessary step toward success. We learn more from failure than success, without failure complacency can creep in.with original ideas, failure is inevitable, because its impossible to predict how technologies will evolve and tastes will change.


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