The Umwana 2020 Strategy

IMG-20151016-WA0011Umwana foundation is a youth led organization that is all about bringing  youths together for sustainable development
In Zambia and Malawi.
The youth led organization is geared to enhance social and economic development, through participation and volunteerism among young people to advance their lives.

The year 2016 marks a new beginning in social entrepreneurship, as the first youth led organization sets the goal to development in Africa with the Umwana 2020 Strategy.

UMWANA promotes entrepreneurship as a key competence that can boast competition and growth. It has highlighted the importance of advancing an African Entrepreneurship Culture, by fostering the right mindset and entrepreneurship related skills in the UMWANA  2020 STRATEGY.
As a result, entrepreneurship education is now being increasingly encouraged across Africa.

Encouraging entrepreneurship is particularly important to face challenges, related to alarming high youth unemployment rates in most African Countries. Entrepreneurship and self-employment offer pathways for young people to emerge from unemployment. In this context special attention is paid to the social entrepreneurship model which is embedded in the real economy close to the people and local communities primarily aimed at contributing to the general good of society.

The UMWANA vision is much broader embracing the development of human potential for the sake of Youth development in Africa.

Investing in UMWANA FOUNDATION  will bring about productivity and self-reliance among young people in Africa.
And the challenges of modern society can be met only when the people of Africa and their investors realize the need of investing in young people through Skills development.

To achieve this, their is need to encourage young people through mentorship to instill a Spirit of entrepreneurship from early on in life.



And to help them in the transition from school to adulthood
For this reason Umwana is calling on all development partners and investors to come on board and join the movement in entrepreneurship and skills development.

In supporting the Umwana 2020 Strategy, many young people in Zambia and Malawi will rise to the greatest potential in development .

Join Umwana Foundation and support the UMWANA 2020 STRATEGY for youth development in Africa.


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