‘Umwana’ – The Road to 2020 Strategy



What does it mean to be a child, boy, girl, kid, or youngling? It is certainly to be a portentous pebble among a trillion grains on the shores of life. It also certainly is being in a position where one keeps a weatherly eye on the never ending horizon that seem to kiss the sky in the distance and dance with it unto infinity, confident of inevitable change.

Umwana Foundation as an institution is itself first a youngling but has grown to understand the potential in every African youth to either be everything or nothing, and instigates to empower them to be all they can dream/see to be.


Gone are the days when we the youth would wallow in self-pity over the lack of political and social will to aid our plight for development. Gone are the days of violent protests against would be leaders marred by colonial legacies and concerned with politics of the belly.

Come are the days of social media, hip-hop, flavored water and mobile money. Here are the days of entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, activists and techies. These are the days of hope and today I can do anything.


Umwana Foundation is geared towards enlightening the African youth towards what is within themselves, towards what they can be, and towards what they can do for others in achieving their own individual potential.


Strides have been made by African governments concerning child development through education as this is one of the keys to development and Umwana salutes initiative such as ECD, universal primary education and E-Learning. However, we recognize the need for Early and Continuous Child Mentorship (ECCM) as a mean of propelling and sustaining youth development.

Recognizing that Africa is experiencing development at different stages and at differing rates of progress #YOUCAB and #UMWANAEDUCATE are two such initiatives that have been designed and intend to hone and develop the inner capacities of African youth as is relevant to their community vis-a-vis their reality.


Although vital, it is not enough to tell an individual that they are unique, essential to the development of society, that they have human rights and should hold duty bearers and other societal members accountable if they fail to provide their right or infringe upon their rights, respectively.

It is essential in an ever changing dynamic that is the global village that we as a people together support the actualization of the dreams of the youth. African youth are the most grieved by poverty, they are most stricken by the rat race and we must recognize that it is only through their eyes that we will see our dreams of brighter days.

Umwana 2020 in a strategy that aims to raise youth torch bearers in the villages, towns and cities of Malawi and Zambia by the year 2020 who will further light up the torches that is the lives of other youth to strive for their dream of a better Africa.


If Africa is to stand tallest one day we must first illustrate and instill in our children how to walk and then how to run and even after they stumble, how to crawl again from the dirt and keep walking.

Join Umwana as a volunteer, support Umwana financially and aid the UMWANA 2020 STRATEGY for youth development in Africa.



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