The Change For Change Conference

umwana-flyerThe change for change girls conference is a platform which addresses many issues affecting young girls in our communities.

Just to get an inner perspective into their lives and what’s affecting them the most in order to help refine and build their confidence and talents.
The Change For Change project emphasizes on the importance of a healthy lifestyle, good education,  life lessons and sports to mention but a few.
Entrepreneurship is another alternative source to earn an income in this era where jobs are hard to come by.

In line with the sustainable development goals in particular goal #5 (Achieving gender equality and empower all women and girls) Umwana foundation seeks to empower these girls to overcome vices such as early child pregnancy, abortions and school drop-outs as a result of preference being given to male over female children.

By so doing we hope to help the girls discover themselves and the role society expects them to play.

The Umwana Foundation is a non profit youth led organization based in Lusaka Zambia and Lilongwe Malawi, with its focus to bring young people together for sustainable development ideals.

Our goal is to empower the youth for social economic development and strengthen the spirit of communalism to support children, youth and the elderly.

The #UmwanaCaresForHer is a project under the UMWANA UMBRELLA  that supports women and girls for a sustainable future.

Join us in supporting the girl child.

Umwana Cares for her, we all can do it for her.
This is powered by #Umwanafoundation


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