The Change For Change 2017




The Change for change is a platform that inspires young people in various aspects of life. It is there to help and encourage them to take a step forward and improve their social and economic life!, unlocking the doors of individual development.

The Change For Change conference is a pilot project by UMWANA ZAMBIAN FOUNDATION. A youth led organization that brings together young people for sustainable development ideals, focusing on mentorship as a tool to shape the lives of many youths across Africa!…..

This big conference has been set to help #support #educate #engage and #empower the most vulnerable in todays society. Youths today face a number of challenges such as early school drop out, early child marriages, unemployment and lack of good role models. Every opportunity that opens in such a way, we look to identify and help nurture their life’s purposes, giving them a fighting chance in society and world at large!

The targeted group for the Change For Change are young ones, male and female alike, from peri-urban areas around Lusaka province between the ages of 15-20 years.

This conference is inspired and driven by young volunteers who are passionate about change in their communities. Lets stand together for a sustainable future!!!!!!!!!




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